for a BlueEconomy

KTP BlueCapital stands for innovative and sustainable financial solutions, capitalization and financing of "blue" future projects and strategic "blue" investment.

Thus, there is an active interface between innovative projects and strategic and institutional investors associated with the BlueEconomy.


Investment in BlueFinance  

Equity financing of FinTech projects that meet the BlueEconomy requirements, for example BlueMoney, BlueShares or BlueTransaction.


Investment in BlueEconomy

Equity financing for innovative companies and projects with a strategic dimension for the BlueEconomy, realized in connection with the special KTP impact . 

Investment in BlueTechnologies

Equity financing for innovative technology projects in conjunction with KTP BlueTech in the areas of Mobility, Aerospace, Mobile Communication and IOT Technologies.

BlueInvestment for Initiative Investors

KTP BlueCapital selects "Initiative Investors" with know-how and capital in the 1st stage of a "blue" project and structures the investment. 

BlueInvestment for Strategic Investors

Companies wishing to secure cooperation as joint venture partners in a "blue" project can apply for a strategic investment through KTP BlueCapital.


BlueInvestment for Institutional Investors 

Through KTP BlueCapital, the necessary framework is developed for institutional investors to invest in KTP and "blue" projects.